Friday, January 28, 2011

When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother "What will I be?"

Today was like stepping back in time for me.  I was honored to be invited by The Willows Academy (my Alma Mater AND the location of my first 'real' job) to speak at their career day.  I gave a presentation to two groups of students about what it's like to own a business designing quilts and work at home.  Both presentations were in room 206, where I taught both honors and AP US history to juniors for many years. Being in the classroom and talking to students felt so normal to me.  It was like I never left!  At any rate, in preparing this presentation, I really got to thinking about the path I took that landed me right in my basement, quilting my little heart out.  And I realized, that it is thanks to the Willows, and my dear parents, that I had the confidence and courage to leave my teaching career and take an entirely different path.  One that would open up opportunities that I could not even imagine when I started out.  So thank you, thank you to Mrs. Huntington, Mrs. Paulson, Miss Keenely, Mrs. Keenely, Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Jacobucci, Miss Wilberg and all of the other teachers who believed in us and kept pushing us to be better!

Here are the highschool girls.  Many of them expressed an interest in sewing--one of them even plans to go into fashion design.

And here are the middle school girls.  Many of them have grandmothers who sew or quilt :-).

Maggie joined me at career day.  She is already practicing to be a member of The Willows Poms team...

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  1. ADORABLE! Glad you enjoyed your "step back in time". :o)