Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I have to issue a disclaimer here:  I am not a painter, I am a quilter.  Who recently started taking an art class.  And discovered acrylic paints.  Oh my Lord, they are fun.  Some of the colors are so saturated I want to eat them.

This morning, I realized that I was going to see the students I am advisor to at the Willows and that I would like to bring them a valentine.  Ordinarily, I have cards and trinkets for all occasions coming out of my ears.  Today, however, I found myself oddly lacking.  So I was then presented with a choice:  I could go to my nearest Walgreens and get a generic box of Russell Stover Candy or a small M&M figurine with small M&M's in it's belly, OR, I could be like the crafty folks whose blogs I like to read and haul out the most accessible art supplies and make them myself.  Option two seemed a lot more fun.

I spent half an hour in my pajamas walking around the house looking for the paint, brushes, masking tape (always elusive) and a container for water (I am now that kind of girl: the kind that washes empty yogurt containers to use later for things like holding water for your paints...), and paper.  Once I located everything, I was on my way to handmade Valentine land!

I find painting to be quite therapeutic and if it weren't for the fact that I was chomping at the bit to start sewing for the day, I would have spent all morning mindlessly painting hearts on little pieces of watercolor paper.

At any rate, about 45 minutes later, the brushes were washed, the paint was drying, and I was off to lay out my next quilt and sew it together.

The girls will probably appreciate the i-tunes gift cards I am including more than these hearts.  But, painting these has made me smile and sometimes, that is all that counts!

Happy Valentines day to all my fellow quilters!

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  1. Amy!! I just recently re-discovered your blog! It makes me miss life in the neighborhoood. Anyway, it's nice to get to hear what's going on with you. You are a good blogger, too! I could probably read all of these posts on here, but alas, time is fleeting and I (of course) have studying to do. Hope all is well!