Monday, January 17, 2011

Keepsake Exclusive!

A few months ago, I opened my front door to find a box of Timeless Treasures headers sitting on my porch.  Aside from getting actual fabric yardage, getting a box full of batik headers is the next best thing!  I knew before they came that we were going to pull together a couple of palettes for some exclusive patterns with Keepsake Quilting.  So, without wasting any time, I dumped them out on my living room floor and got to work.

The first palette was a no brainer for me.  I always enjoy working with a rainbow palette.  There is something really fun about working with all of the colors on the color wheel--it gives a lot of opportunity for contrast which allows the pattern design to really speak.  A batik rainbow palette is especially fun because of the availability of clear, saturated colors, which are my favorite.

The second palette started with an awesome grey/taupe batik and kind of took off from there.  I added the blacks and dark browns for contrast, and then the blues for interest.  The result was somewhat subtle and sophisticated.

Janine used both of these palettes to make her latest patterns:  Pandora's Box and the Plaza.  Both patterns/kits are available exclusively from Keepsake Quilting!

Pandora's Box

The Plaza

Our friend Ann Davidson of Providence quilting did the longarming on both of these quilts.  Thank you, Ann!

Want to make one of these quilts for yourself?  Here is the link to the keepsake site:

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