Monday, November 15, 2010

Silk Love

It's always a great day around here when the UPS guys stops by.  ( be fair, I have to include the FedEx guy and the postman as well...) Recently he delivered a yummy box from Brewer filled with dupioni silk kits.  One of the latest silk collections we have worked with is called Jeweled Treasures. Originally meant to make the Silk Gems pattern, this kit includes 16 jewel-toned fat quarters. I now have one of my very own and am about to start my silk quilt collection. I think, however, that I am going to shake it up a bit.  Instead of making a Gems quilt, I am actually going to use the Berkeley Blue pattern (created for the Sapphire Silk Collection).  I am hoping to have four of these silk quilts in time for Spring quilt market in Utah.  We'll see how that goes...

I love working with silks.  I admit, I was reticent at first.  Janine (my friend and business partner) and I would go to local quilt shows and she would buy up every dupioni silk she could find.  I could not imagine making a quilt with these fabrics!  Before we started collaborating with Brewer on these silk collections and patterns, I came out with a quilt pattern called Circus--the first quilt I had ever made using all solids.  Janine promptly made one out of silks and the rest is history -  We were hooked!

(In case you're interested, Jeweled Treasures silk collections are now available on our website!)

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